Next go-round

That didn’t last very long. Empliciti and Revlimid have been given the heave-ho, even before my latest full tests of December 28 showed an M-spike risen to 2.3, and an IGG level of 2690 (way above normal). My joints are creakier, especially upon waking…there go my hopes of reducing painkiller intake. So the oncologist now has me on one of the latest immunotherapy agents, namely Pembrolizumab (or also namely Keytruda…the dual-label nature of these drugs drives me crazy), as of January 6. The best thing about Pembro (so far, as it’s too soon to tell if it’s doing me any good) is that the infusions (every other week) take less than an hour, the easiest schedule I’ve had yet. Meanwhile Revlimid has been replaced by Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) in the oral meds department, as well as a bump in dex dosages from 28 mgs per week to 40. (Clinical trials have shown Pom/dex to be effective adjuncts to Pembro.) Side effects appear to be a wave of fatigue about 24 hours after infusion, and some upset-stomach action, but nothing drastic.

I’m to be tested again in about two weeks, will post results when I get them. Likely this is all about as boring to you as it is to me.

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