Not simply Empliciti

November 3 was the last of eight consecutive weekly infusions of Empliciti (always with eight mgs of dex) and the result so far is…nil. My M-spike was 0.8 g/dL when measured before I began the chemo in early September, and that’s exactly where it was at last count, on October 31 (or three days before the final weekly dose). Meanwhile, during approximately the same span of time, my IGG level fell very slightly, from 1190 to 1130 mg/dL, after hitting a low point of 975 on October 6 (numbers above 2000 are considered elevated). Who knows how I’d be doing with no therapy at all?

Per protocol, I continue Empliciti, but now only every other week, with the same dose of dex, and also now with the addition of Revlimid (which I haven’t been prescribed for a little over two years), five mg/daily, 21 days on, seven off. I’ll know in about two weeks what the results are. Meanwhile, side effects from the Rev seem worse than the Empliciti: the usual grogginess, upset stomach, scatter-brain. The tale continues in the telling.

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